often, these things can't be explained

that cat, she's a lyin'
sexy as cat be
my love, she's a purrin'
lion down with me

blooming at the breaking point
would you kindly roll a joint
i’m running out of words and wine
i only want to waste my time
with you and watch the clouds roll by
forget to breathe i don’t know why
or when it got so hard to see
that life is good and love is free

'there's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in..'

make your own holidays. entertain everything, believe in nothing.

it means what it means but only to you

i’m not really back ( ) but i wanted to say
i’ve embraced being lost again.
sweet revelation.. surrender… goodnight

to those it may concern

i am still a poet
but tumblr no longer serves or interests me like it once did
maybe not forever
but for now
see you when i see you

everyone is naked

losing my mind
and losing my friends
goddess be kind
i’m empty again

running on fumes
& trying to blend
in with the crowd
but i can’t pretend

you are a ghost
a story that ends
i long for the day
that the dreamer transcends

though memories fade
some must ascend
the circle remains
unbroken, but bends

blaw. strange limbo.
carry me out
lift me up to the light

goddess, do you have a name
or better yet a cure for pain?
something stronger than cocaine
but softer than the falling rain
every day may be the same
but really it’s a fucking shame
i don’t want to play their game
do you think i’m already tame?

happy to exist
in all the emptiness
wasting my last wish
she killed me with a kiss
i knew i would be missed
but i never asked for this
the void is voicelessness
existing happiness

so long cause so it goes
both judged and juxtaposed
as above is so below
so they say but they don’t know
where the river used to flow
the wild wind still blows
it’s on the path i chose
a long and winding road

what if you and i could be
more than morbid memories
to each other - set me free
from this text-book tragedy

i’ll have to look into that..

where do i belong
somewhere in a song
i never stay for long
it’s my right to be wrong

to ramble and to roam
to take the long way home
when i’m all alone
my thoughts are not my own

still after all this time
i just don’t care for wine
we kill what we define
i’m losing my damn mind

maybe god himself is lost and needs help